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FIRST STORY OF "Rivers of Time" SERIES .

Retail Price:  $15.99
ISBN 13  978-0-9799723-0-0

Uris, the Princess Regent of Ur, whose mother died at her birth, rules for her father who has gone to map the new neutron star Draco. Returning from a hunt, she is summoned to the ruling world of the known galaxies on Regis Xinor. It is past the time that her father can ever return into Standard Xinor time, and she must declare him as lost. Assuming the Queen-ship of Ur, she is thrust into a political struggle arising from an atomic explosion in hyperspace that has destroyed an Ambassadorial Shuttle of the powerful Pandamon Empire, ruled by a ruthless megalomaniac, who would become God Emperor. The source of this explosion is found to be the plutonium garbage of a remote planet that orbits a star known as Sol. The planet is known as Terra, and it is soon to be very near, when the supernova remnants of the explosion of Draco have cleared. A new navigational portal will then open unexplored parts of a new galaxy to the Xinor Empire.

Fleeing the megalomaniac Metastophiles, Uris, and Kurege, who has fled Pandamon to escape being imprisoned because of his genetic tendency for prescience, traverse the unsettled neutron star Draco, and emerge in the Cancer Nebula, crashing on Earth, in Louisiana.

Wealthy industrialist, Stark Raven, saves Uris's life, and thus begins an unraveling of an intrigue of political subterfuge that has existed on Earth for centuries, and in modern times, involves the United States Nuclear Assembly Plant, Pantex, in Amarillo, Texas, the precious wells around Amarillo that produce the isotope helium III that is vital in the cryogenics of the anti gravity coils that make intergalactic travel possible, the old XIT property, and the gathering of a proto-fetal fluid used in making life extension shots taken by Metastophiles.

At the climax, it is bone knives vs ray guns, at the end of time, for the fate of mankind.

Truly Yours,

Raymond Walter Seibert


Up On Cripple Creek:
    History and fun in Colorado's Gold Rush times (paperback).
Goin' Up To Cripple Creek is historical western fiction of the Cripple Creek Mining District, and the men who established it, and mined its gold. The time period is from the discovery and settlement of this alpine valley, through the establishment of the town of Cripple Creek, to the fires of 1896. This is the first work in The Gold Trail Series. Filled with action and romance, it is a well researched and historical fiction of an exciting time. Starting with the settlement by Levi Welty, and the discovery of gold by Bob Womack, it tells the story of the establishment of the District. A vivid picture of the community, inner workings, and social life emerges. A young mining engineer, Steven Marks, arrives from abroad and is robbed of his money on the road into the new town. With the help of kindly, hard drinking Bob Womack, he is able to establish himself with employment at Guyot's Assay Office, where he becomes acquainted with Winfield Scott Stratton. He meets and falls in love with the independent Elizabeth Yates, who owns a restaurant on the main street. She has made an enemy of Soapy Smith, and a tangled relationship with Steven is complicated by the arrival of her first husband. As the city grows, bad elements of greed, and intemperance, tear the social fabric of the close knit early town. Purged by fire, a community is brought together.

To order, paste this http link to Amazon's Up On Cripple Creek: http://www.amazon.com/Cripple-Creek-Raymond-Walter-Seibert/

Guy's Air Conditioning of DeSoto Texas

Residential and commercial in the Metroplex and in Austin.

TACL #B004505C

Energy solutions, high effeciency equipment, and solar active, and passive solutions

Pinon Pine Incense gather near Taos New Mexico

Gathered only after it has fallen to the ground.  In this way the tree is uninjured, as the Sap has finished its' healing work for the tree and is ready to be used by the people.

The incense is double dipped and shipped fresh from us to you.

Priced at $4.00 for 20 sticks.  Ask about Wholesailing this product.  214-763-4917

Aquamarine Crystals from Colorado   The Aquamarine crystals pictured here were recently discovered on Mt. Antero near Salida Colorado.  They are far and away the best Colorado Aquamarine ever discovered, and we are proud to offer them at a Wholesale price.  Priced at $25.00 per Cariat.

White Buffalo Ceramics

This Ceramic Painting is of Lake Yellowstone as seen from the front of the Lake Yellowstone Lodge,  The painting is hand painted on as an underglaze and then fired.  An overglaze is fired in place in a second firing.  15 inches tall.           Priced at $ 250.00  shipping extra.

Country Western Singer Performing..this piece is 15 inches tall.         High fired underglaze painting with high fired overglaze.                                            Priced before shipping:  $300.00

First Show of 2007, see the blog.  incense.advancedconceptdesign.com

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